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The William J. Semon Family Resource Fund

When the doctor says, “You have cancer.”

A word we hope we never hear for ourselves or our loved ones.  Unfortunately, it is a word heard by countless people each day.

Imagine for a moment you are Julie.  She is a young mother living in northern Iowa and has just found out she has ovarian cancer.  Her world has been turned upside down.  She must travel over 120 miles each way to seek treatment at Mercy Cancer Center.  Her husband must remain behind as he cannot afford to miss work and must care for their children as they have no family in the area.  In addition to the frightening reality of receiving a cancer diagnosis, they also must confront the additional expenses associated with treatment.

When Julie arrives at Mercy’s Cancer Center, a nurse navigator meets with her to discuss how her care will be coordinated.  She realizes Julie is alone, anxious, overwhelmed and scared.    Julie shares she is afraid her family will be unable to afford the cost of her treatment.  The navigator understands Julie needs support as she eases into this critical part of her treatment.

Help when it is needed most-semon-fund-photo

Fortunately the William J. Semon Family Resource Fund exists.  Established by Linda Semon in memory of her husband, Dr. William Semon, who passed away from cancer, the fund helps lessen the financial burdens accompanying a cancer diagnosis.

A cancer diagnosis changes everything.  Treating cancer suddenly becomes the most urgent thing in one’s life.  This often means more expense, less income, and a lot more stress.  The money this fund provides to patients and their families is a very small gesture in the greater scheme of things, but every gift is so appreciated.”   Linda Semon

What does this mean?

For Julie this meant immediate support with transportation and hotel costs allowing her to remain close to Mercy while receiving treatments.  It helped lessen this unexpected financial burden and provided the family with the ability to concentrate on the most important thing—Julie!

Since 2012, the fund has provided over $100,000 of immediate support to cancer patients and their families at a time when they need it most.  In addition to supporting transportation and lodging expenses, the funds have provided assistance with insurance co-payments, rent, utility payments, nutritional supplements and much more.

The need is great-

It seems as if we all know of someone who has been touched by this disease.  You have probably witnessed the impact it has on families.  Maybe you have personally experienced this journey?  The need for this type of direct, compassionate assistance is greater than ever!  We ask you to join us by contributing to this fund.  Your gift can make a difference in whether or not someone is able to start treatment right away.  Your gift will give peace of mind to those in our community who are hearing the words, “You have cancer,” and have no idea how they will be able to afford to pay rent or buy groceries.  Please click here to give and select the Dr. William J. Semon Family Resource Fund.  Your gift will make a difference when it is needed most.  Thank you!

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