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Joan Bindel Earns Certified Fund Raising Executives Credential

September 2017 Class of Certified Fund Raising Executives Announced

Alexandria, VA – 19 September 2017 – CFRE International has announced the most recent class of Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFREs). These individuals join over 6,100 professionals around the world who hold the CFRE credential.

Individuals granted the CFRE credential have met a series of standards set by CFRE International which include tenure in the profession, education, and demonstrated fundraising achievement for not-for-profit organizations. They have also passed a rigorous written examination testing the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a fundraising executive, and have agreed to uphold Accountability Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights.

CFRE International is an independent organization dedicated to upholding the highest standards in ethical philanthropic fundraising through the certification of fundraising executives. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and led by a small professional staff, CFRE International consistently meets the highest standards for certification excellence. The CFRE credential is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).


Australian Capital Territory

Karen Gair, CFRE

South Australia

Elizabeth M. Davis, CFRE



Stacey Amyotte, CFRE

Darlene F. Burton, CFRE

Andrea M. Kopylech, CFRE

British Columbia

Colin Godwin, CFRE

Ramya Hosak, CFRE


Sarah Beer-Delaney, CFRE

Sarah Charters, CFRE

Jesse R. Dees, CFRE

Shawna Ferguson, CFRE

Coleen A. Jones, CFRE

Smriti Kapoor Verma, CFRE

Lacey R. Kempinski, CFRE

Fred W. Martin, CFRE

Jennifer Martino, CFRE

Alan Sharpe, CFRE


Tony Haiyue Luo, CFRE



Marsha Grady, CFRE

Margaret A. McDonald, CFRE

Troy M. Miller, CFRE


Abigail K. Elsener, CFRE

Diana J. Fish, CFRE

Alba Rojas-Sukkar, CFRE


Valerie G. Amador, CFRE

Kellye S. Buchanan, CFRE

Jessica Chang Greenman, CFRE

Kelleen Esperias, CFRE

Nathan Fay, CFRE

Linda L. Haghi, CFRE

Morry Rao Hermon, CFRE

Amanda Krauss, CFRE

Kristina Lamas, CFRE

Alexis Perez, CFRE

Megan K. Shockro, CFRE

Allison Stelly, CFRE

Carolyn Woolf, CFRE

Dr. Jonathan L. Yorba, CFRE


Melissa Chirinos, CFRE


Kristen A. Hitchcock, CFRE

Kelly L. McGraw, CFRE

Curtis L. Proctor, Ed.D., CFRE

Kathleen Roehm, CFRE

Brenda P. Rouse, CFRE

Angelica B. Santibanez, CFRE

Carolyn A. Sentelik, CFRE

Meghan B. Vargas, CFRE


Zachary Brown, CFRE

Ellen G. DeFoor, CFRE

Melody Gardner, CFRE

Samuel L. Graddy III, CFRE

Jennifer P. Webb, CFRE


Stephanie Adomaitis, CFRE

Christopher Boyce, CFRE

Nicole Brennan, CFRE

Raynard D. Crosland, CFRE

Samantha Fisher, CFRE

Cameron C. Johnson, CFRE

Katherine Korey, CFRE

Elizabeth Mayer, CFRE

Jayne A. McGrath, CFRE

Amy Schiffman, CFRE

Lora A. Wey, CFRE

Elizabeth Wolcott, CFRE


Lisa M. Biers, CFRE

Suzanne E. Graham, CFRE

Gerald Hinson-Hasty, CFRE

Meagan Niese, CFRE

Lindsay E. Saunders, CFRE

Sarah J. Taylor, CFRE

Philip Thornton, CFRE

Amy Tobias, CFRE


Joan M. Bindel, CFRE

Elizabeth Conley, CFRE

Arian J. Haddix, CFRE


Candis Arthur, CFRE

Anne M. Cannon, CFRE

Farrah Ferriell, CFRE

Traci Simonsen, CFRE

Heather Singleton, CFRE


Erin McQuade-Wright, CFRE

Krystal Oliveira, CFRE


David Holman, CFRE


John J. Hilderbrandt, CFRE

Abby M. Reeg, CFRE

Elizabeth Slade, CFRE


Keevan J. Kosidowski, CFRE

Jennifer Sutch, CFRE

Veronica L. Williams, CFRE


Carla D. Turner, CFRE


Gina C. Fromme, CFRE

Erin M. Kelley, CFRE

Laura Rossmann, CFRE


Kimberly R. Balkovec, CFRE

New Hampshire

Susan Chase, CFRE

New Jersey

Jeanette M. Corris, CFRE

Sheila McGirl, CFRE

New York

Jessica M. Ford, CFRE

Kathleen M. Hickey, CFRE

Emily Marullo, CFRE

Samantha H. Vigliotta, CFRE

North Carolina

Michael L. Blackwelder, CFRE

Rikki C. Bryant, CFRE

Donna C. Stucker, CFRE


Stewart L. Bromberg, CFRE

Lindsay L. Doerr, CFRE

Kimberly Manno, CFRE

Leslie L. Martin, CFRE

Jennifer McAnlis Harvey, CFRE

Natasha R. Spears, CFRE


John Frick, CFRE

Johnathan Teal, CFRE


Joset W. Grenon, CFRE

Alexis Ingram, CFRE

John C. Jepson, CFRE

William Pugh, CFRE


April Ennis-Pierson, CFRE

Heather S. Giampapa, CFRE

Elazar Green, CFRE

Ann Hrabik, CFRE

Joshua Myers, CFRE

Nicole Oshurak, CFRE

Kelly Anne Stolar, CFRE

Rhode Island

Christine M. Pellegri, CFRE

South Carolina

Lindsay R. Buckles, CFRE

Halley Cella, CFRE

Allison Cheadle-Gandhi, CFRE

Cayce Sue French, CFRE

Lauren G. Hammond, CFRE

South Dakota

James Lennon, CFRE

Cynthia E. Peterson, CFRE


Anne C. Davis, CFRE

Kristen M. Sand, CFRE

Martha Williams-Martin, CFRE


Jillian Day, CFRE

Katherine K. DeBauche, CFRE

Laura A. Easton, CFRE

Marci M. McLean, CFRE

Laura F. Mishkin, CFRE

Brenda E. Rios, CFRE

Karen C. Silva, CFRE

Dustin Valerius, CFRE

Jennifer L. Williams, CFRE

Sarah W. Young, CFRE

Jacqueline A. Zimmerman, CFRE


Lexie O. Grant, CFRE


Michele E. Benson, CFRE

Lisa S. Dibble, CFRE

Bradley L. Hastings, CFRE

Carol Pribulka, CFRE


Jennie Griek, CFRE

Christina Kourteva, CFRE

Laura E. Rose, CFRE


Michele K. Ikusz, CFRE

Laura B. Schwartzburg, CFRE


Founded in 2001, CFRE International is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to setting standards in philanthropy through a valid and reliable certification process for fundraising professionals. The CFRE® program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). In 2013, the CFRE credential became available worldwide as the global standard for the fundraising profession. To learn more about CFRE International please visit or contact George H. Hamilton, Marketing & Membership Manager at (571) 699-0603 or


225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 625, Alexandria, VA 22314-2535 • Phone: (703) 820-5555

Fax: (703) 820-1107 •

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