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The 16th Annual Bailey Katherine Bryant Memorial Golf Outing was held on Saturday, September 28, 2019. With 96 golfers, the outing raised $14,018 for a grand total of over $205,000 raised in the last 16 years. See photos from the event here. Thank you for your support! Read the 2019 event recap here.

2020 Event:

Save the date for the 2020 Bailey Katherine Bryant (BKB) Memorial Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at Toad Valley Golf Course in Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

From the event organizers:

In 2003, our daughter, Bailey Katherine Bryant, was born with a variety of medical conditions. She was a patient in the Mercy Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The care and overwhelming kindness that the staff and hospital extended during that period of time touched our hearts forever.

In memory of our daughter, to help other families facing similar situations, and to say thank you to the NICU staff, we established the Bailey Katherine Bryant Memorial Golf Outing. Proceeds are used to purchase car seats for the NICU babies. This is an item that the NICU does not have a budget to support, therefore anytime they purchase a car seat for a family, it comes from donations. Presently, there is only one car seat on the market for babies less than five pounds, and only a few that have the strap placement short enough for a small baby. Families often have a larger car seat that was given to them as a gift, but this seat is too big for the baby. The NICU cannot discharge a baby home in a seat that is too big, so waiting until the family can afford the appropriate car seat could increase the length of stay.

In the previous 14 years, with the generosity of our family, friends and local businesses, we raised over $180,000 in proceeds for the Mercy NICU. This money has enabled them to purchase hundreds of these special car seats for the benefit of the babies and their parents. They are called the “Bailey Seats.”

Items like these car seats are something that most people probably wouldn’t think about until they are in that situation. We ask you to think of the babies and families affected by the NICU when considering your sponsorship. We hope that you will join us in giving the gift of life a safe ride home and a brighter future.

Steven and Kimberly Bryant
Event Chairs

Learn more about Steven Bryant and the Bailey Seats:

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