Spirit of Mercy - Mercy Cancer Center

At Mercy Cancer Center,
The word CANCER doesn’t have to mean the end.
In many, many cases, it means the beginning - of a life changing victorious battle.

The beginning – of new challenges and treatments, guided by an expert team of world class physicians and technicians.

It means the beginning of hope, wrapped with courage, laced with determination.

At Mercy Cancer Center,
The word CANCER doesn’t have to redefine who you are. It can just help define what you are.

You are a fighter, equipped with a team of medical experts to guide you on your journey.

You are inquisitive, and diligent in your quest to learn all about this foreign visitor to your body.

You are equipped, with tools, tests, and tomorrows to strengthen you in battle, sharpening your intuition to “listen to your body” and work with the team privileged to join you on your journey.

You are committed to living a life of value, to make every moment matter.

At Mercy Cancer Center,
We are committed to your life as well.
Your life, as whole as it can be.
Your life, as precious as it is.

That’s because, at Mercy Cancer Center, we truly care - about you; about your life; about all you are, and all you will yet be.

Please consider giving a generous gift to the Mercy Cancer Center today! Your gift will help to provide the following services for our patients and their families. Thank you!

The Spirit of Mercy Annual Campaign raises funds for the Mercy Cancer Center. Last year, over $782,000 was raised for this annual fundraising effort by Mercy employees and physicians. The Mercy Cancer Center received over $30,000 through this campaign to help assist in the following areas:

  • Provided services for wigs, breast prosthetics, genetic counseling nutritional counseling and navigation.
  • Touched the lives of approximately 35,000 people through health fairs, educational and nutritional programing, patient contacts and more.

For more information, please go to www.mercydesmoines.org/cancercenter/index.cfm

Thank you for being a part of the Spirit of Mercy Campaign. Because of you, Generosity Heals!

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