Spirit of Mercy - House of Mercy

Perhaps you know someone.

Someone who needs help.

Someone who has lost her way, and doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Someone hurting.

Someone helpless.

Someone who wants to flee the darkness that has consumed her, but needs help learning how.

Perhaps you know someone who desperately needs a healthier, happier life,

For herself. For her children. For her future.

House of Mercy can help bring hope into her life, combining her strength with energy, resources, and tools to build healthier tomorrows, guided by a team of healthcare professionals who will help equip her to fight her demons, And win the daily battle. For her, and so many others, the future awaits. Filled with possibilities, and once again, dreams that really can come true. House of Mercy – making everyday matter once again.

Won’t you consider giving a gift to the House of Mercy? Funds generously given though the Spirit of Mercy campaign provide operational costs for residential care, treatment services and supportive assistance for House of Mercy residents.

To learn more about House of Mercy please go to www.houseofmercydesmoines.org.

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