Spirit of Mercy - Mercy Hospice

When the pain is too intense,
When the battle appears to be almost over
When the home-going is all that is left,
Many turn to Mercy Hospice.

There they find an advocate,
For what has been, and what is yet to come.
Someone to answer the questions, even before one knows what to ask.
Someone to gently nudge the family towards the next journey,
Question answerer, medical expert, pain remover, comforting friend.
Sacred soldiers of the broken hearts, and hope filled spirits.

These Hospice angels bring a healing that goes beyond life here on earth.
Last days for tender moments, their calming spirits flow from one to the other,
To those who are searching, fearful, lonely.

Their loving kindness wraps itself around those in the bed, and those bedside.
Carrying them for the moment. Making death and dignity partners.
Holding them up when it all seems too heavy.
And, as the passing comes, as it will for all,

They begin to help with the next step.
To guide those who remain to weave their way past anniversaries, and annual celebrations.
To encourage those who remain to live again.
To honor those who have left this world for the next.
By making every moment matter, regardless.

The annual Spirit of Mercy campaign provides funding for providing compassionate end of life care to Mercy’s most vulnerable patients. Please won’t you help by giving a gift to Mercy Hospice? Gifts given help to assure all receive the expert medical care and comfort they deserve. Thank you for touching lives and helping meet the needs of our patients and their families.

For more information please visit http://www.mercydesmoines.org/comm_resources/hospice.cfm

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