Spirit of Mercy - Employee relief

When the situation appears hopeless,
And the answers have ceased to come.
When there is no way out.
When the future appears to be impossible,
And strength for today is waning.

At a moment when all is lost.
There arrives Hope.
In the form of a note, a check, a way to begin to take one step forward,
Away from a situation that seems too complex to ever understand.

Hope arrives in a brief moment to remind someone,
At Mercy,
We care.
For our patients, and their families, yes.
But also for our own Mercy family.
We care because, in some miraculous way, we each matter.
Regardless of where we work, when or why,
We each are a part of the “greater good.”

That is why,
When life finds us at our darkest place,
Mercy Family members come alongside,
To hold up those who are having trouble holding themselves up.
To simply let another know,
We understand.
We know.
We care.

Yes, Hope arrives. And thankfully, Hope remains, and every moment, regardless of its outcome, matters.

The Spirit of Mercy annual campaign provides funds to help Mercy Medical Center respond to life crises that occur to Mercy family members. Unexpected challenges that unfold for our employees can create undue stress and emotional trauma for Mercy’s staff members. The employee relief program is one way Mercy employees are able to let their fellow co-workers know we stand beside them in their time of need. Last year, 87 employees received employee relief funds totaling nearly $70,000.

Please, won’t you help by giving a generous gift to the Employee Relief program, through the Spirit of Mercy campaign. Thank you!
For more information on employee relief go to www.mercydesmoines.org

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