Bishop Drumm Retirement Center

When they leave home…
For a new home,

There is a bit of sadness that lives have been transformed.
To a new schedule, a new home, and even in some ways, a new family.

Instead of caring for others, they are being cared for.
Instead of serving meals to loved ones, they are being served.
Life changes. Good times, and bad. Healthy years and some with challenges. Memories weave through minds rich with years of laughter, joy, and love.

For some reason, at this season in the lives of seniors, and of their families,
Every moment matters…even more.

There is also contentment, knowing Mom & Dad, are safe, peaceful, loved.

Thankfully, Bishop Drumm Retirement Center is able to provide all that your dear one needs. The full continuum of care, from independent living, assisted living, dementia care and nursing home services, allows your dear family member the opportunity to age in place.

Your gift through the annual Spirit of Mercy Campaign will help to provide services for our most vulnerable residents. Please, won’t you help make the moments happy and fulfilled for Iowa’s seniors today? Thank you!

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