Spirit of Mercy - For Every Child Campaign

For Every Child,
There exists unspoken promises.
Promises that we will be there for them, and their parents in their times of need.

To heal the hurt; to make the pain go away;
To even entertain those who find the days too long, and the nights too lonely.

The promise remains.
To provide world class health care for young ones.
To give them every opportunity we can to have a healthy, safe, happy life.

The promise remains.

Yet, time has worn the tools that minister to these young ones.
And so we move forward.
For Every Child.

To a new pediatric/PICU unit
Bright with life and light.
Filled with energy that transcends time.

Colorful walls wrap their arms around the patients on the beds.
Equipment and communication flow back and forth, providing tools to make tomorrows rich with Hope.

For Every Child
Deserves only our best.

Please consider being a part of the annual Spirit of Mercy campaign. Your gift can be designated to help build the new pediatric/ PICU unit for Mercy Medical Center. Young ones deserve only the best at Mercy, and your gift can help give them just that. Thank you!

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