Iowa Heart Center”  The Gilead Circle’s Newest Member

On October 11, 2012 over 70 individuals gathered at Mercy West-Lakes to honor Mercy’s most generous donors at the 2nd Annual Gilead Circle Ceremony.  The Gilead Circle recognizes Mercy’s benefactors, who through their generosity and vision, have transformed Mercy Medical Center and Mercy’s other initiatives into healing beacons of hope for all in need throughout the State of Iowa.

The 2012 Gilead Circle inductee is the Iowa Heart Center which was founded by Dr. David Gordon in 1970.  In 2009, Iowa Heart Center joined forces with Mercy Medical Center—Iowa’s leading cardiovascular hospital—to form one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious cardiovascular care practices.

Iowa Heart Center, in addition to their extraordinary cardiac care, has embraced the spirit of generosity.  They have given over half a million dollars to the Mercy Foundation providing gifts to the pediatric renovation campaign, Mercy College of Health Sciences, Mercy Hospice, nursing and medical education, and heart care services.

Mercy Foundation is indeed grateful to Iowa Heart Center for their generosity, leadership and vision. They have truly impacted many Iowans with their expert care as well as their generous hearts!

~The healing balm of Gilead making the wounded, weary and sick whole. The Mercy family embraces this philosophy daily as we reach out to those in need, caring not only for their physical bodies,  but nurturing their spirits.~

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